We’re on Fire This Summer!

It’s an exciting time around the Imminent IL office as we make the most of positive summer vibes! We’re experiencing booming success just in time for Fourth of July fireworks. Our determination to keep pushing forward even when amid unexpected outcomes is a big reason for our ongoing growth. These are a few other essential behaviors we have to thank:

• Being Accountable: We track our progress toward achieving our goals so that we always know where things stand. We also take pride in being accountable for helping our Imminent IL colleagues whenever they need it. Our supportive atmosphere is constantly getting better because we’re all committed to team wins.

• Setting Mini-Goals: Along with putting specific goals in place, we also create smaller objectives that keep us on the right track. Not only does this make it easier to measure our progress, it also means we stay highly motivated right through to winning outcomes.

• Celebrating Wins: Even if it’s a minor victory, we take time out to highlight what we accomplish. This goes for individual wins and our biggest team achievements. We create rewards we know we’ll enjoy, such as team dinners and other fun outings, to make sure that each victory is sweet.

We’re ready to carry our summer momentum into the rest of 2019. Like Imminent IL on Facebook to keep up with our achievements.

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