We Recognize the Power of Giving

November is the ideal time to give back and do more for those around us. With Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season right around the corner, we’re more inspired to advance our Imminent IL commitment to philanthropy. We’ve proudly worked with all kinds of local organizations, and we’re excited to find even more ways to make a positive impact.

We believe creating a positive movement within our community helps our team members and Imminent IL as a whole. For one thing, charitable giving is a great way to boost engagement. Not only do we feel closer to our colleagues after we contribute to a worthy cause, we also broaden our skill sets in the process. It’s so fun to come together and work in different settings. We always seem to learn something about our teammates, whether it’s a shared interest or hidden talent.

Giving back is also good for business in a variety of ways. Consumers want to know that a company has compassion, and so do potential hires. We always look forward to meeting with top-flight candidates so we can highlight our core values, which include giving back on a regular basis. If you’re interested in discovering your impact on the community and want to work with an organization that truly cares, we’re your ideal destination.

We’re ready to take our social impact to a whole new level this holiday season. Follow Imminent IL on Instagram for updates on how we plan to make a difference.

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