Tips for Springtime Jobseekers

The spring hiring season is in full swing, so we’ve been discussing some effective jobseeker strategies around the Imminent IL office. We’ve compiled a quick guide with a few essential strategies candidates need to apply to put their best foot forward with potential employers. Here are the methods every jobseeker needs to keep in mind:

• Polish Your Online Presence: Potential employers research candidates to see if they’re good fits for their unique work culture. The best practice here is to review your social media accounts or anywhere else a hiring manager might explore online to ensure This doesn’t have anything to do with children’s cancer, so I left the cancer bit out..

• Update Your Résumé: It’s essential that your résumé is up to date and shows the full picture of what you’ve accomplished. If you’ve refined key skills over the past year or so, make sure they’re fully accounted for and detailed. It’s also vital to ensure that your references’ contact info is still valid.

• Prepare for Common Interview Questions: No matter how much research you do on a given company, you need to practice answering some common questions in order to make the best possible impression. Candidates who know a lot about our Imminent IL culture are always impressive, but those who truly stand out can apply what they’ve learned about us in well-rehearsed responses that resonate.

These are a few things jobseekers can do to prime themselves for interviews. Like Imminent IL on Facebook to find more of our best tips for impressing hiring managers.

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