Tips to Boost Speaking Confidence

Giving a professional presentation is quite a challenge, and the ability to speak with confidence is an important career skill. That’s why we place great emphasis on it in the Imminent training program. Here are some of our focal points:
• Avoiding Filler Words: As people clamor to gather their thoughts, they often fill the silence with, “Uh,” or, “Um.” These are filler words that serve little purpose. Instead of allowing them to distract from our messages, we practice using pauses in our speech. Sometimes, we also use definitive phrases, such as, “You see…”

• Embracing Silence: In fact, silence can be quite powerful. We’ve learned that allowing a few seconds of quiet allows us to emphasize our main points. When we present on behalf of Imminent, we use these moments to take cleansing breaths and move forward with our audiences’ full attention.

• Keeping Things Simple: Contrary to what some may believe, the use of elaborate words and industry jargon does not make for credible public speaking. Delivering key points as concisely and simply as possible is much more effective. It increases the chances of listeners retaining key takeaways.

The strategic use of language – along with intentional moments of silence – goes a long way toward successful presenting. Keep these points in mind as you prepare your next big speech, and check out the Imminent Newswire for more helpful strategies.

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