Straightforward Ways to Learn While Commuting

Daily commutes can be some of the best learning opportunities you’ll ever have. That might seem like an overstatement, but we’ve found it to be true here at Imminent HQ. Here are a few simple ways we make our daily trips to the office educational uses of time.

Reading on a wide range of topics is a key learning strategy for members of Team Imminent. We’ve even translated it to our daily commutes through the use of audiobooks. Our public transit users can still read the old-fashioned way, but we don’t let being behind the wheel prevent the rest of us from taking in valuable new information while heading to the office.

Podcasts have also become essential elements of our commutes. There are so many worthwhile options from the world of podcasting, whether we want to laugh, learn, or just listen to a person’s compelling success story. We frequently exchange listening suggestions around the Imminent office, as well as the key takeaways from our listening.

Sometimes we just want to clear our minds as we make our way to work. There are plenty of meditation apps that can help us get centered, but traveling in silence is also a good way to achieve clarity. Our favorite music accompanies us while commuting as well, especially when we need to get pumped up for a big meeting or presentation.

These are a few ways we’re making the most of our commute time. Find more of our most effective daily productivity strategies by following us on Instagram.

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