Simple Pathways to Stronger Public Speaking

When we present on behalf of Imminent, we want to make the best possible impressions on our audiences. Although we aren’t yet public speaking experts, the following strategies help us deliver memorable speeches with greater confidence:

• Tell Stories: An interesting anecdote is an ideal way to begin a presentation, because it gets the audience on your side right off the bat. We often include an appropriate joke or some self-deprecating humor in our stories to forge even stronger connections with our listeners.

• Look for Familiar Faces: We make eye contact with the most attentive audience members early in our presentations. Then, we find these faces throughout our speech to get a confidence boost when we need it. Showing up early to the venue is a productive way to make sure we have some allies already in place when we step to the podium.

• Rehearse as Much as Possible: Practicing our Imminent speeches in front of practice audiences is perhaps the best way to prepare. The more we rehearse, the more we home in on the right vocal inflections and body language. By the time the big day arrives, we’re prepared to impress our listeners.

These strategies help us make lasting positive impressions on audiences every time we take the stage. Check out the Imminent Newswire for more of our most effective public speaking suggestions.

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