A Rewarding Trip to California

Travel events give us plenty to look forward to on our Imminent calendars. We always seem to have an exciting retreat or educational event right around the corner. Our team recently enjoyed a trip to Newport Beach, California that offered remarkable networking and learning potential.

Our company’s Director of Operations explained, “Aaron was one of the team members who attended this getaway. He hasn’t been with Imminent for very long, but he is definitely excelling when it comes to absorbing new concepts. Aaron is adept at applying what he learns to individual and team objectives. I have no doubt that he will go far with our firm.”

Traveling to California was a great opportunity to network with other high achievers in our industry. “Venturing out to an exotic locale is an ideal way to build meaningful connections,” our Director added. “Being away from the demands of the office means our team members can discuss current projects and future goals in a laid-back atmosphere. This leads to meaningful connections and new opportunities for our company.”

There was also plenty of top-level training offered during the trip. Aaron took full advantage of the chance to be around so many accomplished professionals. He returned to the Imminent office more inspired than ever to establish high benchmarks and attain them.

Events like the Newport Beach trip help us maintain a top-flight team. Check out the Imminent Newswire to stay updated on our team excursions.

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