We Provide Rewarding Travel Opportunities

Our top Imminent performers receive all kinds of recognition, including an array of travel incentives. When our brand strategists earn their way to conferences, retreats, and training events, they bring all kinds of valuable insights back to the home office. In this way, our entire team gains vital rewards every time one member gets recognized.

Soogin was recently rewarded with a trip to Cleveland for an exclusive training opportunity. She has worked incredibly hard for this honor, so we were excited to learn about the knowledge she acquired. Everyone else on the team is more motivated than ever to earn the next big travel incentive.

We enjoy quarterly trips as well as cross-training events at other successful offices. We’re all about knowledge sharing through networking, so all these excursions are helpful for Imminent as a whole. The connections we make when we’re on the road tend to pay off in unexpected ways, sometimes long after the initial meetings.

One of the best outcomes from our many travel events is the enhanced morale we enjoy as a result. We get to know our colleagues a bit better with each excursion, seeing positive traits that might not get expressed during normal workdays. Our teamwork is always a little more spirited after one of our group getaways.

We’re all looking forward to our next chance to represent Imminent at a big industry event. Check out our Newswire feed to receive updates on our travel plans.

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