PRESS RELEASE: Imminent Well Represented at Networking Conference

GLEN ELLYN, IL – Imminent leaders discussed a recent industry networking conference that provided remarkable developmental value. The firm’s management outlined the benefits of team travel events.

A few top performers from Team Imminent recently attended a rewarding networking conference in Dallas, Texas. Those who were selected to attend have shown commitment to reaching their aggressive goals in recent months. Recognition is something company leaders take seriously, so combining their efforts to highlight great performance with a valuable travel opportunity was an attractive proposition.

During the conference, Imminent promotional specialists were able to forge meaningful connections with top-performing peers and influential leaders from the industry. The firm’s management stated, “Our team members returned to the office with more than just fresh insights to apply in their daily work; they also have new sources of advice as they build their careers. The connections they made in Dallas could also offer potential for future collaborative projects.”

The event also helped team members gain a new perspective on their work. “It’s always exciting to go to these conferences for the learning potential they provide,” management remarked. “Beyond that and the networking opportunities, a big event like this helps our team members see how big and impactful our industry really is. It’s basically a chance for people to understand how what they do makes a difference in the big picture.”

Imminent on the Benefits of Team Travel

There are many benefits that come with team travel events. One of the most obvious is the fact that they develop stronger bonds between team members. The management noted, “When we send our people to conferences and other industry events, we reinforce the family atmosphere we’ve created in the Imminent office. Our people learn more about each other’s unique personalities when they travel together. They feel a stronger kinship when they come back to our office, which leads to even more productive collaboration.”

The chance to experience a new place is another benefit of team travel events. When members of Team Imminent head out to an exotic retreat or an industry conference, they take time to enjoy what their new surroundings offer. The management remarked, “Our people build morale by going out to dinner, checking out natural attractions, and making memories. We try to make all our travel incentives as attractive as possible so that our team members are inspired to perform at a high level to earn them.”

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