PRESS RELEASE: Imminent Cultivates Skills Through Travel

GLEN ELLYN, IL – Imminent’s Director of Operations discussed the team members who attended a recent networking conference. Those selected to attend advanced their development in important ways.

Travel opportunities are common occurrences around the Imminent office. The most recent trip took selected individuals to Dallas for the quarterly networking conference. They returned to the office with helpful new contacts and an array of innovative insights for sustaining success. Erin, Jessica, and Jenna were selected because they had never attended the conference and have been stepping up their performances. Caylee, an admin with the firm, also made the trip so she could connect with others from the industry.

The firm’s Director of Operations explained, “Along with the great networking potential, the conference also gave our promotional specialists the chance to learn from high-performing peers and influential leaders alike. They discussed best practices while also receiving hands-on training with emerging industry techniques. The Imminent office has been buzzing since they returned and started sharing the insights they picked up in Dallas.”

Traveling with teammates brings rewards regardless of the educational value of a particular event. People learn more about each other, which fuels stronger collaboration back at the office. Those who attend travel events also become more adaptable by rolling with unexpected changes that tend to happen on the road. Last-minute schedule shifts and delays are frequent occurrences during business trips. Dealing with them helps members of Team Imminent equip themselves for the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry.

Imminent’s Director of Operations on How Travel Amplifies the Firm’s Immersive Training

The Imminent training program provides new hires with hands-on experience in every aspect of the company’s operations. This immersive approach extends to the firm’s ongoing developmental efforts as well. The Director added, “We want our promotional specialists to be as versatile as they can be. When they get to hear speeches from top leaders and attend breakout sessions at conferences, they add to their skill sets in remarkable ways.”

Learning as a team is also a core concept of the Imminent training program. “There’s something special about gaining new insights with coworkers,” the Director noted. “It builds morale in a way few other things can, which makes business trips worthwhile investments. We use the same approach to our group training sessions around the office, but the fact that our people can learn together while experiencing everything a different city has to offer is meaningful icing on the cake.”

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