PRESS RELEASE: Imminent IL Top Performers Headed to Cancun for R&R

LOMBARD, IL – Select members of Team Imminent IL are preparing to attend a prestigious tropical retreat. The firm’s Director of Operations discussed this excursion and a few unexpected benefits of these types of getaways.

From October 13-16, Imminent IL top producers will be attending an R&R event in Cancun, Mexico. According to the firm’s Director of Operations, this annual trip is something team members work hard to qualify for all year long. It’s also an occasion that brings some of the most successful people in the on-site sales promotions industry together in one place. As a result, there are many professional benefits that come with the trip.

The Director noted the massive scale of the Cancun R&R, with hundreds of top leaders eligible to attend. Those chosen to represent Imminent IL will be able to connect with national and even international industry leaders. The insights the firm’s top performers will gain during the trip should set them up for even bigger achievements as the calendar turns to 2020.

Along with lots of fun in the sun, the Cancun trip will involve a variety of fun social gatherings, great food, and even some dancing under the stars. The Director added that the selected team members will forge stronger bonds among themselves during the retreat, even as they discuss best practices with other outstanding pros. As a result, teamwork seems to be a bit more spirited after every Imminent IL team travel event.

Imminent IL’s Director of Operations Highlights Some Underrated Benefits of Team Retreats

The fact that team members work hard to earn their way onto the Cancun trip is reason enough to offer it, according to the Director. Travel is one of the best ways to recognize hard work, especially with an exotic destination as part of the equation. Once in place, those who qualify for a retreat have a fresh perspective from which to view their past success and future goals. Combined with insights from other top producers, this change of viewpoint can be a game changer for even the most accomplished people.

Those who head out to R&R retreats also get to sharpen their adapting skills. There are frequently delays and other unexpected hiccups on any team trip, so adjusting to them becomes a key part of a positive experience. The Director reported that Team Imminent IL has become a more resourceful and agile group thanks to the many travel events they’ve enjoyed over the years.

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