Our Sports-Inspired Brand of Leadership

With football season upon us, we’re excited to highlight the sports-minded leadership style that has defined our Imminent IL success. Our in-office coaches know what it takes to be successful because they’ve risen from the entry level. They know how to spot the unrealized potential in our team members. Even more importantly, our leaders can help our brand experts see their potential for themselves. Here are a few other talents top-flight leaders like ours bring to the table:

• Excellent Communication Skills: When top-flight coaches speak, people listen. In the Imminent IL office, our leaders know how to inspire us to perform at our best. They also understand the best ways to get their messages across, speaking directly to our unique needs and concerns. Our leaders also know how to ask the right questions that make us feel ownership of our projects.

• Willingness to Learn: The best coaches in the sports world are always ready to learn new techniques and apply new concepts. They’re open to input from others and treasure their relationships with mentors. The same is true for the most successful business managers. No matter how much they achieve, they know there’s more to learn.

We’re lucky to have leaders who believe in our unique potential. To learn more about what makes our work culture so special, be sure to follow Imminent IL on Instagram.

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