Our Commitment to Travel Keeps Growing Stronger

Having the opportunity to travel to so many new places is one of the best parts of being on Team Imminent IL. We’ve visited 10 different states in 2019 so far and we plan to add to that total over the summer. We’ll be attending a national meeting and traveling to other offices to share our expertise in the weeks and months to come. Our firm’s leadership team views business travel as a worthwhile investment because of the many benefits that emerge from it, including the following:

• Knowledge Transfer: We get to interact with all types of business experts and top-performing peers when we venture out to big industry functions. The insights we gain along the way help us streamline our methods when we return to the Imminent IL office.

• Greater Adaptability: There are usually some unexpected changes that come with traveling, often related to logistics and event schedules. When we roll with these developments, we hone our adaptive skills in meaningful ways. Ours is a rapidly evolving industry, so it’s nice to be able to adjust on the fly.

• Stronger Morale: We get to know each other better when we get away from our work roles for a few days. As we discover hidden talents and shared outside interests, we prepare ourselves for even more spirited teamwork on the job.

We’re looking forward to our upcoming travel events. To get updates on where we’re going next, like Imminent IL on Facebook.

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