New Markets Are Opening, and We’re Hiring!

Imminent is recognized as a sales and marketing powerhouse, and we take this distinction seriously. We’re committed to service excellence, which shows in our campaigns as well as our ever-growing portfolio. In fact, our hard work and success mean that new markets are opening!
As we establish Imminent in new regions and expand our industry reach, we must surround ourselves with a bigger team of motivated professionals. According to our company President, “During the new year, we have opened 10 new positions that we are looking to fill immediately.”
This is exciting news – not only for our organization but also for career-minded individuals who would like to join us. There are many benefits to coming on board. For instance, we offer nonstop learning opportunities. In addition to an entry-level training program, team members have access to conferences and retreats all over the world. They are privy to structured learning programs as well as networking that opens doors to the latest best practices in the field.
We also maintain a vibrant office culture. Anyone who joins us can expect limitless support and guidance from people who are more like friends than colleagues. We often gather outside the workplace as well, enjoying fun activities and making memories together.
It’s a great time to build an Imminent career. Follow us on our Newswire page to stay informed of our developments.

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