The Many Rewards of Charitable Giving

The Imminent commitment to giving continues to grow right along with our market influence. Supporting good causes brings an array of rewards beyond the satisfaction that comes with helping people in need. Here are a few of our favorite positive outcomes of giving back to the community:

• Helpful Connections: When we give back as a team, we meet all kinds of local leaders and business influencers. Just being around likeminded people is inspiring, especially when they’re from the same region or work in the same industry. The fact that the connections we make can benefit Imminent’s larger mission is icing on the cake.

• Freshly Honed Skills: When we apply our unique skills in a whole new context, we get to refine them in surprising ways. Expanding our horizons through giveback events also allows us to discover new skills we never knew we had. These benefits fit well with our firm’s commitment to constant improvement.

• Refined Leadership Abilities: We leave our comfort zones when we give back to good causes in our community, which lends fresh perspectives to what we do from day to day. Having the chance to manage efforts away from the office enables us to see our leadership skills from a different vantage point. When we return to work, we’re newly inspired to lead from the front.

These are a few of the positive outcomes we achieve through our giving efforts. Like Imminent on Facebook for more of our philanthropic insights.

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