Madeleine: Profile of a Model Team Member

There’s something special about each member of Team Imminent, and we love the chance to highlight what makes them awesome. This month, we’re turning our spotlight on Madeleine and her inquisitive nature, which has helped her grow in her current role.

Without doubt, Madeleine’s ability to ask questions has had a positive impact on her performance. She’s happy to speak up when she wants to learn more about something, whether it’s a skill or a process. Ultimately, she seeks to understand more about our Imminent business model and the industry overall so she can make her mark.

What sets Madeleine apart is her growth-oriented mind-set. She not only inquires about what she doesn’t know, but also will provide constructive input to improve our processes as she gains new knowledge. Madeleine is always thinking about how to do things bigger and better, both for herself and our team. Her energy is infectious.

Now we’d love to clone Madeleine because she has the attributes we know are important to anyone who wants to succeed at Imminent. However, we know there are many other inquisitive people out there who share that passion for success and a strong desire to learn and grow. These are the types of professionals we want to meet and add to our exceptional team.

If you are a consummate learner with hunger for knowledge, we should talk. Follow us on Instagram for announcements on our next recruitment effort.

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