How We Make Sure Our Networking Game Is Strong

Building a diverse network of professional contacts is essential in reaching long-term career goals. We’ve always believed this around the Imminent IL office, which is why we focus on networking in our initial and ongoing training efforts. We provide hands-on education to help our brand managers confidently connect with top leaders and high-achieving peers. From there, our team members can flex their networking skills at conferences and other big industry events.

We believe public speaking skills and networking prowess go hand-in-hand. With this in mind, we teach our team members the value of knowing their audiences. By researching the people they want to connect with at conferences, our brand managers come equipped with background info around which to build their discussions.

Being a strong speaker also involves telling memorable stories. Our people do their best to take the same approach into the networking arena, composing elevator pitches that get right to the heart of what makes them and Imminent IL such great allies in the on-site sales promotions world.

Positive body language is another key element of effective public speaking. It’s also something our brand managers are conscious of in every effort to add new contacts. Open postures and warm smiles are mainstays of our people’s networking exploits.

These strategies help our team cultivate strong networks. For more of our best contacting tips, follow Imminent IL on Instagram.

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