Giving Aaron the Recognition He Deserves

Every month, we publicly applaud one of the high-level professionals who contributes to Imminent’s success. Aaron is the latest of our colleagues to stand out in our workspace. He demonstrates a strong work ethic every day, along with the growth-oriented mind-set that helped him earn a degree in leadership organization.

Aaron also brings athletic tendencies to Imminent, including a knack for setting clear goals. He knows what he wants to achieve at all times, which means he can direct his efforts in the most productive ways. Aaron begins with the end goal in mind, making adjustments to his strategy as needed.

Perseverance is another key attribute Aaron showcases in his work thanks to his sports-inspired mentality. Great athletes come up with innovative ways to clear hurdles on the way to their biggest achievements. Obstacles are bound to pop up in the business world as well, and Aaron is adept at finding new pathways to major wins.

The best athletes are also devoted to improving every day, which is a practice Aaron embraces. He’s always taking advantage of the many training options we provide, including a range of travel events. Aaron sets an ideal example for everyone on our team by challenging himself to get better even as he reaches ambitious benchmarks.

We’re excited to watch Aaron continue building his career with us. Follow Imminent on Instagram for updates on his success and all our standout brand managers.

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