Friendly Competition Inspires Our Team

Competing with our colleagues brings out the best in Team Imminent, which is why we’re so excited about March Madness. We always look forward to filling out our brackets and watching the NCAA tournament, but our annual in-office contest is especially fun. Not only is this competition a reward for our hard work throughout the rest of the year, it’s also a great encouragement for us to keep pushing the envelope.

There are plenty of important leadership traits that are sharpened through playing sports, all of which we apply in the Imminent office. A positive mind-set is one of these vital attributes, because it’s essential to take the right attitude into any new challenge. We stay in a positive headspace from day to day in our office, including when we encounter obstacles or unexpected outcomes. Doing so allows us to find the productive lessons available and move on to bigger achievements.

Sports also teach us how valuable clear goals are in maintaining success. We establish specific objectives that stretch us beyond our current skill sets. This puts us in prime position to perform at our very best, because we put well-defined action steps in place from the outset of every project. As we make progress, we can also refine our efforts as needed.

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