Our Flexible, Immersive Training Program

One of the best things about our Imminent training program is how immersive it is. We give new additions to our team hands-on education in a wide range of business processes. Many people come into our company without much experience or uncertain about their chances for success. By investing in our brand ambassadors through paid training, we ensure that they’re well equipped to thrive.

Our focus on continuing education enables our team members to get closer to their full potential. We offer group training sessions on a wide range of topics. Travel incentives also give our brand ambassadors plenty of chances to broaden their horizons. We attend networking conferences, seminars, and industry retreats to learn from other high achievers and connect with top leaders.

We complement our immersive training system with clear pathways to advancement. Members of Team Imminent know exactly what they need to do in order to reach the next levels of their careers. This means they can measure their progress toward small and large goals, all while remaining highly engaged in their daily work.

Due to our extensive training offerings and merit-based approach to advancement, our firm is a prime destination for talented professionals. We’re also well equipped to retain our top performers because we invest in their ongoing success.

We’re proud of the way we position our team members for long-term prosperity. Like Imminent on Facebook to learn more about our commitment to training.

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