Five Reasons to Join Our Team

Are you looking for a fast-paced career with a thriving company? It’s time to consider Imminent. We’re ready to add some fresh talent to our team. What’s more, we know from personal experience this is the place to be if your professional ambitions are aligned with continual learning and growth.

There are many reasons why we think working at Imminent is awesome. Our team narrowed down the top five that reflect why we’re thriving here:

• Coaching: Our mentorship program is second to none. We provide all of the hands-on training you will need to succeed. We pair you up with a seasoned veteran, so you can quickly learn the ins and outs of our business model and industry.

• Travel: Do you like all-expenses-paid trips that take you to new and exciting places? So do we! We frequently travel to educational conferences and other high-achieving offices to sharpen our skills while we build our networks. There’s also an annual trip to an exotic location that we can earn.

• Advancement: We proudly foster a positive, uplifting atmosphere that is focused around growth and collaboration. We’re serious about ensuring our associates grow professionally and become new industry leaders. There is a strong sense of trust and open communication with our managers.

• Team Nights: Our Imminent team nights are legendary. Whether we’re enjoying a fabulous meal together or engaging in some friendly competition, we love making memories together as we become closer as colleagues.

• Always Something to Celebrate: Individual and team successes big and small are worth celebrating at Imminent. We have so many reasons to tell someone of a job well done.

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