Creating High-Powered Teams

Our high-performance powers Imminent’s success. It’s propelled by many factors, including collaboration, learning, and a sense of urgency. We know that the only way to stay ahead in our industry is to reject the status quo and keep innovating. It’s from this knowledge that the urgency arises.
Here are some ways we keep Team Imminent on point with this mind-set:
• We Avoid Distraction: We reserve plenty of time to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. In fact, doing so helps us stay motivated and productive. When it’s time to get to work, however, we maintain disciplined schedules and use our time efficiently. This includes avoiding social media and other distractions.

• We Act: Planning is important because it keeps us on task and guides forward progress. Nonetheless, we are wary of planning loops – so much preparation and discussion that success is hindered. It’s much more effective to get to the point and stay there.

• We Are Proactive: If we responded to every email and phone call as it arrived, we’d find ourselves constantly reacting to others’ needs instead of pursuing our goals. By dedicating certain blocks of time to checking messages and following up, we leave the rest of our days open to high-impact work.

These techniques keep us sharp. Follow Imminent on Newswire for a closer look at the strategies we use to remain industry frontrunners.

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