Caylee: An Outstanding Administrator

We take every opportunity to recognize our top Imminent performers, so we’re happy to put Caylee in the spotlight. Without a doubt, she is one of the most hardworking associates on our team. She stands out for her positive attitude, creativity, and her work ethic. We owe a lot of our success to her as she always puts her role as an administrator first. Caylee is consistently looking for new ways to grow and improve. Her long-term goal is to take her mentorship to a national level and to positively impact as many aspiring associates within the industry.

Caylee’s role at the Imminent office is much more than just maintaining a professional workspace while greeting our visitors. She is in charge of phone screenings for first-round interviews, scheduling important events for the management team, and punctually meeting daily quotas. We asked Caylee what core values she has stuck with during tough challenges. “I have learned how to stay calm in stressful situations. Whenever I encounter challenges, I ultimately look at it as a positive. Every challenge in my life has made me stronger and I am thankful for that.”

One reason we’re so lucky to have Caylee on our team is her willingness to help others whenever necessary. Caylee is a great mentor whom our associates look up to. “I love how Imminent feels like a family who believes in me, so I pass that positivity on to our team.” Her mentality is one of the many reasons why she was chosen to speak and share her story at the annual networking seminar. Anytime one of us needs assistance or honest feedback, she’s the first to encourage us to keep pushing past any obstacles.

Perhaps the best attribute Caylee brings to her job is a positive attitude. She sets a great example for everyone on our team by taking an optimistic view of every new task. It’s easier for us to stay motivated day in and day out thanks to the way Caylee sets the tone with a forward-looking mindset.

We appreciate all that you do for us Caylee, and your hard work has not gone unnoticed at Imminent. Follow Imminent on
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